Stable Video : Revolutionizing Video Generation with AI

Stable Video is not just a breakthrough in AI and video generation; it's a gateway to unlimited creative possibilities. As the technology matures, it promises to transform the landscape of video content creation, making it more accessible, efficient, and imaginative than ever before.

The videos created by Stable Video

The following cases are generated by the text generation video model

Prompt: The late afternoon sun peeking through the window of a New York City loft.

Prompt: A stop motion animation of a flower growing out of the windowsill of a suburban house..

Prompt: Mammoths in snowy meadow, fur in wind, mountains, warm light, stunning low-angle shot.

Prompt: A giant, towering cloud in the shape of a man looms over the earth. The cloud man shoots lighting bolts down to the earth.

Prompt: An adorable happy otter confidently stands on a surfboard wearing a yellow lifejacket, riding along turquoise tropical waters near lush tropical islands.

Prompt: An extreme close-up of an gray-haired man with a beard in his 60s, he is deep in thought pondering the history of the universe as he sits at a cafe in Paris.

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